Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your use and purchases of cashflowzen.com, which is owned and operated by Leanid Liabetski LLC. It also forms a contract between you and the company. By making a purchase on or using cashflowzen.com, you agree to the terms and conditions. Before using the website or making a purchase, make sure you read and understand all of these terms and conditions.

Personal Information
When you shop on the cashflowzen.com website, we store some of your personal information to fulfill your purchase. Our company treats all personal information with strict confidentiality. If you request access to all of your personal information to change or delete it, simply contact our company. Please note that our website also uses cookies to improve your website experience.

Purchase Confirmation
Upon receipt of your order cashflowzen.com will send an email invoice to your email address to confirm your purchase as well as a zip file for download. It is extremely important that you provide your correct e-mail address when placing your order to confirm your order. Your email address is also important to facilitate future contact with our customer service team. At the same time, your order confirmation serves as proof of your purchase.

Payment for purchases
You can use a credit or debit card or use PayPal to pay for your purchases. Cashflowzen.com does not store user credit card numbers. If you pay with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card, rest assured that it will be securely transmitted over the Internet. We ensure your payment is transmitted using secure encryption and strict banking standards. We send your card details directly to your bank and no other bank but yours can read or access them. Cashflowzen.com does not charge additional fees for payments using your card. However, depending on the vehicle and the bank you use, the bank may charge additional fees. Remember that once you have made a payment with your card, the starting terms and conditions apply from the moment you confirm your payment. Our bank reserves the right to cancel your order if payment is not received after a certain period.

All prices you see on the website include value added tax in accordance with applicable law. Cashflowzen.com has no control over taxes and tariffs, as import laws and fees vary from country to country. Thus, we cannot predict how much they will charge. It is your responsibility to find out about these charges and pay them.

Cashflowzen.com is likely to report to the appropriate authorities instances of orders made using another person’s name without that person’s consent. The company has the right to change prices on the website, to correct if there are incorrect prices on any orders and to adjust prices in final sales. If the price of your order is incorrect, we may be forced to cancel that order. We will refund any amount paid in the best way possible by deducting a $34.99 service fee from the total refund. In the event cashflowzen.com discontinues products, cashflowzen.com reserves the right to cancel the order and refund the customer the amount paid, deducting a service fee of $34.99 from the total refund amount. If there is an available replacement or any equivalent product, cashflowzen.com can and will notify the customer if they wish to use it.

Cashflowzen.com reserves the right to adjust prices, particularly with regard to additional costs, product offerings, and changes in product information, including product images, even without prior notice. The available product information and images reflect the product as best as possible. Our company reserves the right if any errors appear on the page. We cannot guarantee product accuracy or that each reflects the true appearance of the product. Depending on the settings of the computer or device used to access the site, the appearance of the images may vary. We also do not guarantee the correct appearance or physical characteristics of the product, as they should all be considered illustrations only.

Intellectual Property Rights
Cashflowzen.com owns the intellectual property rights, including copyrights and trademarks, and all material published on this website. Any use of the cashflowzen.com website and its content, whether saving or copying, in part or in full, is prohibited without our permission, except for personal or non-commercial use.

User Content
The cashflowzen.com website contains user-generated content for social media applications. Cashflowzen.com does not claim any ownership rights to any of this user-generated content and is not legally responsible for it. If you suspect copyright infringement or any rights to use this content, please contact our customer service team.

cashflowzen.com reserves the right to cancel any purchase in the event of suspected fraudulent activity on orders placed through the website, which may be reported to the authorities.

Laws and Jurisdiction
The terms and use of this website are governed by the laws of the United States. To the extent permitted by this law, the courts of the United States shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute that may arise based on the terms and conditions of the customer’s use and reliance on the website. This will be subject to cashflowzen.com’s right to hold any customer or user of the Web site liable for the same at their place of residence.

Cashflowzen.com has the right to terminate services to declining customers and to discontinue its website at its sole discretion. If, for example, cashflowzen.com suspects that a user has violated these Terms of Use, it may terminate the user’s account even without prior notice.

Cashflowzen.com has the right to revise and amend these Terms of Use at any time. Whenever you order a product from the Site, the current terms and conditions in effect at the time of your purchase will apply to the contract between cashflowzen.com and you. Thus, regular visits to this Terms of Use page are important to familiarize yourself with the current and new terms and conditions you will be subject to with each purchase.