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The service fee does not include hosting. After your Shopify trial expires, you must pay to activate your Shopify store in order to continue hosting your store. Due to the fact that our products are digital, refunds are not available unless services rendered are delayed beyond a reasonable time frame. *Priority Support includes any assistance with app support and basic store functions such as importing items. Members are responsible for managing their own store and customer service. is not responsible for any revenue, customer support, customer sales support or any standard service or business management. If a member does not have an active Shopify subscription after the 3-day free trial, standard support becomes invalid and is not provided. NOTE. Customer support does not include design customization. Note. Customer service support does NOT include theme or layout customization. Our themes can be easily customized or changed, and our services are one time and final. ** Be sure to place an order with an email address you have not used before to sign up for a free trial of Shopify.